Gambino’s Pizza Evaluation

This website assessment is for Gambino’s Pizza in Lenexa, KS:


Gambino’s Pizza website was built with Dreamweaver. While there are still versions of Dreamweaver being updated, this website has not been keeping up, as indicated by the 2014 copyright and mobile-friendly issues.


Gambino’s is not mobile-friendly, according to the Google test. Here are the issues seen by Google:

  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Viewport not set
  • Text too small to read
  • Content wider than screen

With more than half of people searching for local businesses on mobile devices, this website hurts business.

Other Concerns

Since the website is fairly expansive, including several locations, the best bet might be to use Dreamweaver in order to make it mobile-friendly. However, if there’s a desire to have multiple users update the website, write fresh content, and drive more people to the website, a content management system might be best. This website is built on WordPress and is very basic. Joomla is another good option that we normally use. The main point is that people are using mobile devices to look for pizza, so the website should reflect that fact.

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