Country Kids Day Care Evaluation

This website assessment is for Country Kids Day Care of Lenexa, KS, at


Country Kids is built with WordPress and appears to be a recent version of the content management system. That’s good. However, using a CMS to its fullest potential would be best, which means a News, Updates, or Blog-type page. Google sees these pages when updated, and it helps people find a business. The current website uses a dynamic website framework in order to achieve a fairly static website.


Country Kids Day Care’s website is not mobile-friendly, according to the Google test. Here are the problems on mobile devices as identified by Google:

  • Viewport not set
  • Text too small to read
  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Content wider than screen

Many people are using their mobile devices to research local companies, and it hurts a company that is not prepared for this. Also, Google has begun ranking websites lower that do not meet the standards. The good news for Country Kids is that WordPress has many themes that are mobile-friendly. Actually, it’s surprising to see an updated version of WordPress that is still not ready for mobile. While it might take some skill to implement the new theme, Passive Ninja or another qualified local freelancer could do it if needed.

Other Concerns

The single-image slider is odd and on ALL pages, which puts the content too far down to read. I’m fine with a slider on the main home page, but it gets redundant quickly. I’d also add a favicon instead of the one currently appearing.

There seem to be menus in four or five places on the page. A bit confusing, but not a huge issue. The thing to remember here is that once it’s mobile-friendly, only one of those menus will be a mobile menu, so it might make sense to simplify.

I know the .com is owned by someone else and probably too expensive. That said, .net is one of the sketchier dots out there. Maybe .biz or .info are worse. I’d at least find out what the .com costs. It’s also strange that the .org has some kind of bandwidth issue, but it also seems to be a parked domain. If it’s owned by Country Kids, redirect to the .net.

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