Atwater High School Offers Chromebook Insurance; Should Offer Craniums

For $25 a year, parents of Atwater High School students can have insurance to pay for repairs. That’s fine, but why do Chromebooks need to be repaired so often in the first place? The leading cause in Chromebook breakage is the bendable screen, and insurance doesn’t fix it. Nor do the colorful plastic covers. Or the soft cases that are big, bulky, and discarded at every chance. The best way to stop the most breakable Chromebook part is to use the Cranium Hard Case Screen Protector and Whiteboard. It is a permanent solution that costs less than one year of insurance. Since it’s a whiteboard, it can also be used in the not-so-tech-savvy classrooms.

Over a four-year cycle, the Atwater High School insurer will make $180,000 and expect to pay out less than $50,000 in repairs. Not bad–for the insurer. Just bad for the 95% of the folks who don’t need insurance. Chromebooks are tough. The Cranium makes them tougher. No, not invincible, but to pay $100 over four years on a $200 computer is kind of silly, no? Well, not for the insurer, but for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, that’s real money. Ask your school district about the Cranium. If the administrators want to contact Educabana directly, then use this link.